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Boise recycling business turns wood products and yard waste into usable materials

Business is booming for Tree Top Recycling due to all the growth in Treasure Valley.

BOISE, Idaho – A Boise company called Tree Top Recycling is making the most of housing growth in the Treasure Valley by turning the increased amount of yard and construction waste into usable products.

The company takes lumber, pallets, wood waste, trees, branches, bushes, grass leaves and soil, to name a few. Dustin Downs, the owner of Tree Top Recycling, said the company will accept almost anything organic, but not metal or concrete. The process is to put it in a smaller, compact form.

After the materials are sieved, they are sent to a crusher for crushing. Even though there are nails made from recycled wood, for a small fee Tree Top will take care of it.

“We just take the metal out, and then we take the metal to a recycling center, so even the waste that we take out, we somehow recycle it,” Downs said.

Green materials are broken down into landscape materials like bark, topsoil or mulch, and even livestock bedding, or burning fuel to generate clean electricity. Downs said his business is booming.

“The number of houses being built, the number of people coming in, if I can make an effort to save some of this material and reuse it, that’s fantastic,” he said.

Downs added that his small fee is less than what the landfill charges people who dump yard waste.

“You can even go to landfills too, they’re too full, I mean they have a graph of the expected growth, and lately it’s been astronomical, because of our growth,” he said.

Downs’ father started the recycling business over 25 years ago, has owned it for eight years and has seen only growth and increased demand from customers.

“With the influx of people coming in, everyone wants to do this, I know I’m a business owner but it’s good for everyone and it helps, we are making money but also preserving the ‘environment, and on Earth Day, it’s possible’ it doesn’t get any better than that.

More information on Tree Top Recycling can be found here.

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